In the Kitchen

Another Cuocake Adventure

Wow…It’s been forever… Or maybe just a day. As a result of posting a picture of the Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel cupcakes on Facebook and offering my services, I was hired by a friend to bake 5 dozen cupcakes for her daughter’s graduation party. Yay!! (Did I mention that the party is only a day away? ) Let the baking frenzy begin.
The graduate wanted 30 Red Velvet Cupcakes and 30 Vanilla Cupcakes all with pink Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. So, let the Great Cupcake Adventure begin!!

The Vanilla Cupcake recipe made 31 one cupcakes, so I got to taste one for quality control. They were yummy!

Cooling down before being frosted. I loved the designer cupcake cups from Kroger. The graduate loved them as well.

Red Velvet batter went into plain baking cups. Mine were more like Pink Velvet. I was surprised by the amount of red food coloring that was needed. I think that next time I will try a different Red Velvet recipe. This one seemed a bit dry.

The Red Velvets baked up fairly large. I probably could have stretched the batter to make a few more cupcakes.

Oh so pink frosting. This butter cream is excellent. I loved the flavor. It wasn’t sugary overkill! And, it mixed up smooth and perfect.

On the first few dozen cupcakes, I used some of those gel decorator tubes that you can purchase. They are small, expensive and only covered a few cupcakes, so I switched to a darker pink version of the butter cream. I filled my Decorator Bottle and used the smallest tip in the set. It worked much better and looked cute on the cupcakes.

Got to use my cup cake caddies again. Yea! Trey actually had to make a trip to the Container Store for another set.

Decorated with the decorator gel.

And, some with the darker pink icing. I do need to work on my decorating skills. A steadier hand would be helpful.

Overall, the graduate and her momma were pleased with the cupcakes. I had a great time during my baking frenzy and then got the opportunity to celebrate with “J” and her family. Can’t wait for the next adventure and I am hopeful that more baking jobs will present themselves in the future.

(Origanally posted in Blogger June 7, 2012)


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