In the Kitchen

Caramel Bliss Cupcakes

Well, here goes… this is my first blog post here and my first attempt at creating my own cupcake creation. I saw a picture posted here and wanted to try to recreate these yummy looking beauties. So… I adjusted my Almond Scented White Cake batter recipe by leaving out the almond extract and adding 2 additional teaspoons of vanilla extract. I also threw the egg yolks into the butter, sugar, and extract mixture. Then, I proceeded with the recipe as written. It yielded about 30 cupcakes and they baked at 350 for approximately 20 minutes. (I used this fun baking opportunity to brake in my new Pampered Chef Muffin Pansand they were fantastic!)
(Chilling out waiting for filling and frosting.)

For the Chocolate Ganache, I used this recipe, but substituted dark chocolate for the semi-sweet and added 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. I also cut the recipe in half and used the double broiler method to heat it up. Used my Decorator Bottlesto pipe ganache into the cupcakes. They are great tools! Well, even cutting the recipe still left me with some left over ganache. What to do? What to do? Oh, I know…

(Baking works up an appetite. Time for a snack break.)

Now, on to the frosting (or is it icing?) I used the following recipe for Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting. This girl loves a good cream cheese frosting and this recipe was delicious!! After piping the frosting onto the cupcakes, I topped them with chocolate fudge topping (maybe I should have used the left over ganache…) and a Brach’s Caramel Square candy. They looked fabulous!

(Whisking up the caramel.)
(Finished cupcake. Cute and yummy.)
(A shot of the filled center.)
(I got the chance to use my new Cupcake Caddies! Find them at The Container Store.)
Because I am such a great daughter-in-law, these sweet treats went to my mom-in-law for her Bunco Party. I also hooked her up with The Cake! It’s not a proper Bunco gathering without it. I posted a photo of the cupcakes on Facebook and told the world that I am for hire. A friend called shortly there after asking for 60 cupcakes for a graduation party this Saturday. What have I gotten myself into?!? Well, I guess I’ll have another blogging opportunity very soon.
(Originally posted in Blogger on May 25, 2012)

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