Pinterest Challenge

Planning for the Pinterest Challenge

Well, if I am going to do this Challenge, then I may need some advance planning.
If you know me, then you know that I am not the best at this. I tend to be a fly
by the seat of my pants, last minute, works well under pressure, procrastination
is key kinda girl. But… this challenge is going to require some advanced
shopping, so I better at least pick a few Pins to start with and make my
shopping list. So, here goes…

For the first week of my Pinterest
Challenge, I think I’d like to try the following Pins for the first

1) This French Bread looks so yummy and fairly easy. And, bonus, I
love to bake. A Pinterest match made in Heaven.

If I am going to be enjoying some yummy Pinterest recipes, then I better get
back on track with a fitness routine. I think I’ll start with some belly busting

Another set of exercises. This Pin is just level 1, so there are multiple Pins
to complete for the Challenge. Yay! Winning. 😉

I guess I ought to add some craftiness to this Challenge. And, if I am going to
be crafting, then it might as well involve yarn. This little turkey is cute and

I also think a sewing craft is called for. Trey and I recently bought a nicer
camera and it needs a pretty, handmade strap to accessorize it.

Every Challenge needs a little sweetness and I love S’mores (who doesn’t,
really?). I think these look pretty easy and yummy. I’ve got to give them a try.
I couldn’t find a recipe link, so I’ll be winging it. I’ll let you know how it

I’d really like to get back into my “running”. I think this Pin might help me
out. The workouts look tough, but I think they will pay off in the long “run”

Since I will be hitting the treadmill more regularly, I need to set up a workout
play list. Maybe this Pin will help me out. I hope we already have some of these

it is. A small step towards completing my Pinterest Challenge. These Pins are
subject to change and if I am ambitious, then I might just complete more Pins
than are on my list. Challenge starts in two days! Wish me luck!

(Originally posted in Blogger on October 30, 2012.)


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