Pinterest Challenge

PC Day 3 – Hitting the Treadmill

Day three of the Pinterest Challenge was a Saturday and having the kids and husband home-made crafty projects a bit more difficult (although I did continue working on the knit turkey). So, the family took a mid-day trip to the gym and I pick a fitness Pin. I tend to gravitate to the treadmill at the gym and I picked a pin of great treadmill workouts to try. Here it is: . The Saturday workout on this pin claimed to be a 45 minute workout, but I discovered that it was actually shorter, so I just tacked a few more reps onto the end. I managed to get in 3 miles and burn 500 calories, so hopefully that counteracted the pumpkin chocolate chip cake that I enjoyed with my afternoon tea. I liked having a focused treadmill workout, because it challenged me to keep going and work harder than I may have without. I’ll probably use this pin again and try a few of the other days’ workouts.

Progress on Mr. Turkey. 🙂


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