Pinterest Challenge

PC Day 4 – Crafty Preparedness

Well, it’s happened already. I missed a day. Yesterday was Sunday, and there was a ton going on. Day 4 of the challenge had to wait until today. Today I SHOPPED and at a favorite of mine, JoAnn’s (I hit Hobby Lobby, too). I am currently working on a Nook cover. See this Pin: . Or this one: . I got the idea to sew my own from Pinterest, but I bought a pattern to actually complete it.

Here’s the start. I’ve cut everything out and fused the interfacing. I forgot the elastic, so I’ll have to head back to the store tomorrow (Oh no!).


I hope to finish up tomorrow and get started on another project. I bought a bunch of fabric remnants on clearance and some really cute Christmas fabric that I hope to turn into Christmas aprons.

Here’s my day’s stash!

And, here’s the Christmas fabric. I am so excited!



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