Pinterest Challenge / Sew There

PC Day 5 – Nook Cover

Yesterday’s project was to finish up my Nook cover. Here are the Pins that inspired me: and I decided to purchase a pattern and go from there. I purchased a bunch of fabric remnants a while ago, so I had this in my stash. Image

The pattern was fairly easy to follow, once I got all of the correct pieces cut out. Image

Progress went quickly which definitely helps me keep interested. Image

And done! I cannot wait to put my Nook snuggly inside.  Image

Oops! I am calling this one a half-fail. I really liked View F on the pattern and though it was easy to follow, it didn’t offer much in the way of pre-sewing, pick-the-right-pattern-for-you instructions. It is WAY too big for my cute little Nook Color. I call it a half-fail, because I did complete the project, it is well made, and, I think it will hold an iPad. Now, I just need an iPad to go with it. Christmas, maybe? Or, I can sell it to a current iPad owner and use the profits to go buy more fabric. Image

Knit Turkey Update: The Turkey has legs, a beak, and half a wing.


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