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PC Day 6 – Christmas Apron

Sewing may just be my new passion! I am in love! I am just so pleased with my latest project. Day 6 of the Challenge is a WIN!!!

I chose the following pin: and from there I chose the Ruffled Apron pattern: .

The pattern was for a Valentine Apron, but Christmas is coming and I loved all of the fun fabric at JoAnn’s.

I grabbed a friend, and got started! (She was working on a project of her own.) Crafting is always more fun with a friend.

The online instructions were really easy to follow. I cut out all of my pieces, plugged in the iron, and warmed up the sewing machine. I got really excited over sewing my first ruffle. (It’s the little things, you know.)

Once I got the hang of it, the project progressed quickly. I ended up with the cutest Christmas Apron. I can’t wait to get started on my Christmas baking.

A few notes. The pattern is written for a smallish woman. I bought plenty of fabric, so I think I’ll give this first one to my mom as a Christmas gift and make myself one that is a bit larger. I plan to add an inch to each pattern piece. I also think I’ll make Cass one by subtracting an inch from piece. I can’t wait to complete them all.


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