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PC Day 7 – Bunco Yumminess

Day 7 of the Challenge fell on Bunco Thursday. Woohoo!! That means that I had to get my bake on. I love baking days! Our theme for this months Bunco was Thanksgiving Favorites. For my food contributions, I decided on French Bread: and Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting: .

The bread was really easy, although I worried through the whole project that it wouldn’t turn out right.

First I worried that the yeast and sugar wouldn’t react together. (They did)

Then I worried that I had added too much flour and the dough would be too dry. (It was fine.)

After that, I worried that the dough wasn’t rising enough. (It did.) I did let it rise for more than the 15 minutes that the recipe suggests. I had other stuff going on and felt it could use the extra time.

After the dough rose, I shaped it into loaves. I took the time to worry about them being slightly different sizes. Would one burn while the other stayed raw? I also worried that I hadn’t “tucked under” the ends well enough. What if they became bread blobs instead of bread loaves during the baking process.

But alas, they came out of the oven piping hot and perfectly delicious.

During all of the bread baking worry, I also whipped up some Pumpkin Cupcakes. I didn’t worry about these at all. I love trying new cupcake recipes. (I call them adventures.) These were delicious!

Following lots of mixing and scooping and a bit of baking, I ended up with a sweet, pumpkiny treat. The cinnamon cream cheese frosting is TO. DIE. FOR.

I carted all of my goodies off to Bunco where so much other great food was consumed including turkey, ham, Christina’s sweet potato casserole, Melissa’s grits dressing, Jacqui’s and Brittany’s differing versions of green bean casserole, Lesley’s pumpkin roll, and Jeanette’s pecan pie (made with authentic Texas pecans). The bread and cupcakes were a success and everybody had a great time. I even won a prize!

And just to leave you salivating… Christina also brought this beauty:

There is not a thing in the world wrong with a pumpkin cheesecake!!


3 thoughts on “PC Day 7 – Bunco Yumminess

  1. It was definitely a scrumptious bunco night! I did realize, though, that my motto of “if it ain’t chocolate, it ain’t dessert” held true, but only because I still wanted chocolate after eating the yummy pumpkin cupcakes, lol! Fun and yummy!

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