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A Morning of Sewing Frenzy

This past week, I seem to have been sewing up a storm. I tend to be that way with my hobbies and interests. I go through phases where I can’t put whatever it is down. Whether its books, yarn, baking, etc. once I start, I tend to be a bit obsessed. This week, it’s sewing. So, I’ll take full advantage. I bought Cassandra a bunch of fabric and a pattern awhile back, so I pulled it out and got to work. I decided to make her a simple dress. It is meant for summer wear, but here in Texas, she can throw a long-sleeved shirt underneath and wear it year round.

The pattern was from McCall’s. It was really easy to cut and the instructions were simple and easy to decipher.


I moved the sewing machine off of the kitchen table and into the front room near the windows. Lots of good light and it’s not taking up eating space.



This little dress was so quick. In the picture below, all that’s left is the bottom hem.



A few shots all finished and on my beautiful model. Her matching headband was competed for my Pinterest Challenge Day 8.




All done. The edging was the most difficult part. I am getting better at sewing in straight lines and keeping them spaced well, but this one’s not perfect.




A parting shot.



One thought on “A Morning of Sewing Frenzy

  1. awesome! you rock! I have a sewing machine and have made several things from baby gifts to scrubs to pj’s… but it was before Jaden was born… like everything else, someday 😉 ha ha! for now I have knitting and scrapbooking. What is this pinterest challenge thing?

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