Pinterest Challenge / Sew There

PC Day 8 – Fabric Headband

Well, I skipped yesterday. My house has been a bit of a wreck since… well forever. Anyway, my kitchen floors needed some attention after all of that baking and the laundry was piling up. This morning I woke up early and got an early start on my Pinterest Challenge project. Actually I wanted to make a quick dress for Cassie (more on that in a separate post) and thought I pick a pin that could accessorize my creation. I found this guy in my “Sew What…I’m Still A Rock Star” board: . It looked quick and fairly easy, plus I had all of the necessary supplies.

The pattern was super easy and I was able to print it right from the website.


The fabric all cut out and lined up.



Sewn together. Turned right side out. Elastic secured to underside.


My beautiful Cass and her new headband.


A view of the side.



Love how it turned out and that it was FAST. Definitely a great project for beginners.




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