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A Morning in the Gardens

This morning, Melissa, Julie, and I had the opportunity (thanks to Groupon and all of the kids being at school) to enjoy the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It was perfect. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t hot. The gardens weren’t busy and there was no wind (amazingly). We were amped up on caffeine from our pre-Garden stop at Starbucks and had our cameras at the ready.

Below: The Gardens were filled with lots of beautiful bridges, paths and sculptures. I was even able to find some fall colors.




Thanks to Melissa’s Groupon, we were able to walk through the Japanese Gardens. They were outstanding. We loved exploring and got to take some really fantastic photos.


There were a TON of coy fish in the water feature. We took some time to feed them and even named a few. They were Flirty, Grandpa, Mammoth, and Rudolph.




After walking through the Japanese Gardens, we encountered some pretty yellow flowers covered in butterflies!


Next, we came to the Rose Gardens. I really would love to have these as my backyard. They are glorious and smell amazing.





All in all, it was a fabulous few hours spent with sweet, lovely friends.



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