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Thanksgiving Week and Not a Post Was Completed

Okay, Thanksgiving just happened and the kids were off school all last week, so I completely neglected the blog. C’est la vie! I did, however, complete a few Pinterest Challenge projects.

But first, here’s some of the other stuff that I’ve been busy doing for the past week…

1) I baked and prepped several dishes for our Thanksgiving meal. We enjoyed our feast over at Bill and Pat’s. I contributed an apple pie, a pumpkin pie, broccoli casserole, and cranberry delight.



2) After all of the great food, Trey and I left the kiddos at Grandma and Grandpa’s and braved the Black Friday (Gray Thursday) sales. It was a new experience for me. I was a bit overwhelmed. People are crazy about some savings. I have always been on the specialty retail side of the chaos. Being a shopper was a completely different experience.

3) I made Trey take me to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 for a second time. I loved it, again.

4) I did some knitting. I stitched up a few scarves and finished up our Christmas stockings (they are awesome!).



5) And finally, we decorated for Christmas. Yay! The house looks so pretty.





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