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PC day 13 – Poodle Skirt Fun

Cassie is in a Christmas play at school. She even has a small speaking part. This is one proud mama. The play is set in a 50’s soda shop, so of course she “needs” a poodle skirt for her costume. Where do you find a poodle skirt in November? Pinterest to the rescue. I pinned this It was very helpful and included lots of pictures. I thought that the skirt would be a major undertaking and really time-consuming. I finished it in a morning. The worst part was sewing on all of the Rick-rack. I love the end result. The only change that I would make is to move the poodle over to the side a bit more. It’s slightly too far to center.

I had to tape together several pieces of paper in order to create the pattern. I did have one messed up pattern that turned out all wonky. Thankfully, I figured it out and got a much better pattern on the second try.

Pinned and cut out.

Almost done…

My little sock-hopper!


This was a fun project and I would definitely make the circle skirt again. Quick and easy and cute.



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