Pinterest Challenge / Sew There

PC Day 17 – Monster Mending

Pinterest and birthdays go together like coffee and cream. (I hope you like cream in your coffee, or that comparison will be completely lost on you.) We have a birthday party coming up this saturday for two brothers and the theme is Monsters. Momma suggested that I put my crafty pants on and monster mend a pair of jeans for each of them. Here’s the Pin: . Of course I forgot to take before and during pictures! One day I’ll get the hang of this blogging thing. I did get cute results, though.



They sewed up so quick that I made two more for my boys. I started the process by trimming up the holes of the jeans a bit. Then I sewed together some red scrap and some denim scrap to make a patch. I sewed the red to the denim to give it a bit of thickness and durability. Once I had my patched, I pinned them to the jeans and wrangled the legs onto the sewing machine. The original Pin suggests ripping the seam on the leg, sewing on the patch, and then restitching the seam. I was not confident that I could get the seam sewed back together well, so I just wrestled with the jeans and the machine until I got the patches adequately attached. The eyes, which are just circles of fabric with Sharpie pupils, are actually not attached yet. I haven’t decided if I am going to hand stitch them or apply them with fabric glue. I’ll probably just stitch them, since I don’t have the glue on hand. I did have Fray Check in my supplies, and I used it on the eyes and the teeth to prevent the fabric from fraying.

I am really pleased with the results and my boys thought they were pretty cool, so I am hoping that the birthday boys (and their Momma) will be as excited about them. I’ll probably do more Monster Mending in the future as boys tend to be hard on their clothes. I love that this allows them to get more wear out of their jeans!


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