Pinterest Challenge

PC Project 19 – That Darned Elf

Last Christmas my mother-in-law, whose mission in life is to ensure that our kids have the best, most fun, happiest childhood ever, got us an Elf on the Shelf. What this means is that either Trey or myself has to remember each night, before stumbling off to bed, to move that stinking elf to a new location. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the kiddos. Most of the time, we just put him (Elijah named him Zane.) somewhere easy. Half of those times we rushed out in a morning frenzy to move him before the kids woke up. Occasionally, we got creative. Pinterest help with that. Here are a few of the dozens of Elf on the Shelf pins if you need some inspiration for next Christmas:

There are enough to make you realize that some parents are crazy! We did try to make it a little fun this year. Here are our results:


Zane, like Trey and the kids, enjoys a nice game of Chess.




His Chess partner has a tendency towards grumpiness.



Zane also enjoys a little Farkle now and then.



All of that game playing sure does build up an appetite. Zane got into the candy jar and satisfied his sweet tooth.


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