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PC – Project 23 – Cass Gets Quilty

Yeah, this always seems to happen with my blogging as well as my crafting interest. I go really strong for a bit and then I abandon said interest for a while before coming back strong again. Sorry for the absence. I have several fun projects that I hope to blog about over the next week or so. The current project is actually Cassie’s, but I helped, so I am blogging about it. Cass has been asking to learn to sew for over a year now. We took a quick class at JoAnn’s back in January of 2012 and came out of it with a fun pillow case, but really didn’t do much after that. For her birthday this year, Grandma got her a Brother sewing machine. So, we browsed Pinterest for an easy beginner’s project. I’ve been working on a quilt for awhile now and we found this kid-friendly one: Bandana Quilt . We headed back to JoAnn’s Fabrics for supplies, since Nana gave her a gift card to there as a birthday gift. 

She picked the brightest colors ever created (in my opinion).



We had some sweet momma/daughter time shopping and putting this quick and easy quilt together. 




IMG_1536  IMG_1539



Cass did most of the pinning and sewing. I did sew down the center of the quilt in both directions (instead of doing the ties with embroidery floss), because she struggles a bit with sewing in a straight line. 🙂 This is a great practice piece for developing that skill, though. We did have a hard time figuring out her new machine, so we sewed this one up on the old, faithful Bernina. Grandma will have to come over and give us a machine lesson on our next project. 


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